How to Display your Soda

Looking for inspiration on how to display your soda?

Whether it’s a back yard BBQ, wedding, coffee shop, or retailer, we love to see the creative ways that others have displayed unique collections of soda!  If you would like your display featured on this page, email a jpg to


Ideas & Inspirations…

  • How about displaying your vintage soda along with vintage books on a shelf?  Great idea from Warehouse 2120 in North Carolina

  • Warehouse 2120 has some fantastic displays of our soda!

    The more variety you have, the bigger the impact!

  • A simple tub filled with ice is a great way to serve soda at a BBQ, we raised it with a stool and then covered the stool with a vintage apron to go along with our vintage sodas

    ~Homer Soda Company

  • Nehi Art Show Refreshments! Instead of keeping them on ice, refrigerate them up until right before and line them up on a table or bar for maximum effect.

    We supplied this soda for an art show in Urbana, IL

    ~Homer Soda Company

  • School-Themed Brunch Party!

    They used common office objects repurposed as vases and serving platters and played with a subtle retro flavor in the orange and green color palette featuring vintage soda bottles…for more details Visit this Blog.

  • There are so many to reasons to love them: they are in pretty glass bottles, lots of times with original vintage-y logos on the packaging, and they are made with pure sugar cane, delicious!

  • Add a little fiz and some retro fun to your wedding with a soda bar!

    Great Ideas curtesy of this Blog.

  • What is your Favorite Flavor?

    Make it part of your rehearsal dinner or wedding celebration like showcased in this Blog or just make it a family BBQ. Image source

  • Custom Soda Bucket Apron!  We had these custom printed for an event Fossil hosted in Times Square NYC!

    ~Homer Soda Company

  • Great displays of our soda at

    O’Neals Country Store, Union City, TN