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Swamp Juice




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Avery Swamp Juice in the glass-bottle

“This greenish-brown tonic is the most complicated formulation with over a half-dozen flavor ingredients. It has a surprisingly delicious fruity taste.”


This soda is a part of Avery’s Totally Gross Collection of soda!

“Inspired by the concoctions created by our young soda makers in our “Make Your Own Soda” program, these new flavors look and sound gross but are absolutely delicious.”

Available for wholesale distribution and private events (weddings, office parties, BBQ, the list is endless!)


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Sherman F. Avery began making soda in the red barn on Corbin Avenue in the summer of 1904. Avery’s quickly became known for its variety of flavors, especially the Cream, Birch Beer, Root Beer and Ginger Ale.
Using a horse pulled wagon, Mr. Avery delivered soda to the homes and stores in and around New Britain, Connecticut, and it wasn’t until 1914 that he purchased his first delivery truck. This 100-year tradition of old-fashioned customer service continues today and home delivery is still a significant part of our business.


Avery’s commitment to a quality product has earned a loyal following in Central Connecticut, which endures to this day. Our sodas are still handcrafted using methods and recipes from generations ago including real cane sugar, the finest quality ingredients and naturally pure well water. Each flavor is carefully made in small batches and is packaged only in glass bottles to preserve the wonderful old-fashioned flavor.


Avery’s is one of the oldest soda bottling companies in New England and all of our soda is still made in the same red barn on Corbin Avenue. Avery’s continues to be a family run business that strives to provide the highest quality products and outstanding customer service.