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Boylan Root Beer in the glass-bottle!

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Boylan Root beer  is a rich sassafras flavor derived from cinnamon, sweet birch, vanilla, and wintergreen oil.

Although root beer dates back to the 1860’s, it was not until recently that there has been a dramatic sales increase in this flavor category. This new popularity is due partly to the super-creamy style of root beer that is now being bottled. Although these vanilla-laden root beers are tasty and have instant appeal, we believe taht consumers will tire of them quickly. It is for this reason that Boylan had chosen to develop an authentic, traditional tasting root beer. Ours has a rich and spicy sassafras flavor with only a subtle creamy note.

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4.5 out of 5 stars!

“Boylan’s Root Beer is highly refreshing and fully thirst quenching. Using sugar and/or corn syrup, this beverage has a relatively clean consistency. In addition, the flavor is sweet and has a very mild birch finish. This root beer is a top-notch beverage! This is the perfect addition to an already amazing line of Boylan’s Bottleworks beverages.”

  • Caffeine-Free
  • Kosher Pareve
  • Made with pure cane sugar
  • Twist-off Crown
  • 100+ year old bottling company





Boylan Bottling’s story starts in 1891, when a pharmacist named William Boylan created an elixir in his Paterson, New Jersey, apothecary. He named that serum, a derivative of birch trees, Boylan’s Birch, and began selling individual cups from a barrel in the back of a wagon.


1900 – 1970s

William Boylan began bottling his birch beer after partnering with John W. Sturr, a local politician, in 1900. The partnership soon fizzled, but Boylan continued bottling his product until Prohibition in the 1920s, when Boylan was primarily sold in unused beer barrels.


LATE 1900s

In the latter part of the 20th century, Boylan found its greatest success in the distinctive long-neck embossed glass bottles for which the brand has become so well known. The general shape of the bottle and its embossed patterns have remained relatively unchanged from early iterations.



Although Birch Beer will always be a big part of the brand’s heritage, Boylan today is best known for its full line of hand-crafted sodas, ranging from our core four Ginger Ale, Root Beer, Black Cherry and Creme sodas, to other popular flavors, including Cane Cola, Orange and Grape.