Captn’ Eli Blueberry


Captn Eli Blueberry

Homer Soda Company

Capt’n Eli’s Blueberry Pop in the glass-bottle

Available for wholesale distribution and private events (weddings, office parties, BBQ, the list is endless!)

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This is a personal favorite of mine.  For those of you who are also beer enthusiasts, you might have heard of Shipyard Beer Company.  Capt’n Eli is the soda division of Shipyard!  Their beers are well known for their quality, and they bring the same level of quality to their sodas.  Blueberry, in particular, has a wonderful natural flavor.  The soda is produced in Portland Maine, one of my FAV places to visit, the brewery is just a couple blocks from the ocean!  It’s made with real Maine Blueberries.  The result it a soda that has a very authentic flavor, not the syrup type flavor you usually get from a blueberry soda.  If you are going to try one new soda this week, make it this one!

BevNET Review: Capt’n Eli’s Blueberry Pop is the latest soda to be product by Shipyard Brewing. All other beer companies that are trying to make their own soda should take a look at this lineup as they’ve achieved near perfection. The Blueberry Pop is no exception. With cane sugar and real blueberry juice, this beverage has been harmoniously balanced to create a body that is sweet, smooth, and clean to the finish. The packaging is a bit busy, but it does successfully create a super premium image that fits well with Shipyard’s micro-brew beers. Overall, this is a very well done product whose only limitation is the limited market for carbonated blueberry beverages. Still, it’s a true gem that will please anyone seeking a super premium micro soda.