Pure Soda Works Root Beer #4


Homer Soda Company

Pure Soda WorksRoot Beer #4 in the glass-bottle!

Available for wholesale distribution and private events (weddings, office parties, BBQ, the list is endless!)

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 Pure Soda Works Root Beer #4 Based on an ingredient list created in the 1850s, this soda boasts 14 herbs and spices in its recipe. Unfortunately, the ingredient list  did not include any proportions, so it took four tries to get the recipe just right… but, when they did, they got it oh, so so right!



At Pure Sodaworks, we simply take the finest organic fruits, berries, and herbs we can find, sweeten them with natural cane sugar, and create carbonated taste sensations like no other. Simplicity. That’s what we strive for with every soda we make… while, at the same time, bringing you unique flavor combinations that will have you coming back for more again and again.