Reading Draft Creamy Red Birch


From the Reading Draft Website:

Berks County’s favorite sodas!  Our processes have changed over the years with the advent of technology, however the tradition of using pure cane sugar, natural ingredients (whenever possible) and the slow carbonation process is still used by Reading Draft. We were established in 1921 and have continued business without interruption ever since. Our current facility is directly across the driveway from the building where we were founded. Reading Draft products are triple filtered to remove sediment, and double carbon filtered to provide the purest taste for our soda. This obviously was not done in 1921 but has become our standard for our product, which our reputation hinges on. We also do not flash carbonate like many of the large soda manufacturers. Our carbonation process occurs in Grundy tanks which contain a stainless carbonation stone through which the CO2 introduced under low pressure.  As the soda cools to 34 degrees it absorbs the CO2 slowly and very small bubbles are produced which stay in the liquid for a longer period time. The soda tastes better due to the carbonation method and the use of cane sugar which provides a smoother mouth feel.  Caffeine is never added and our flavorings are also gluten free. Our only diet soda is a truly zero beverage with no carbs, calories, sodium or caffeine. It is sweetened with Splenda (TM Tate and Lyle).