Red Rock Ginger Ale



Homer Soda Company

Red Rock Golden Ginger Ale in the glass-bottle

Available for wholesale distribution and private events (weddings, office parties, BBQ, the list is endless!)

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This is one of the most popular ginger ales that carry.  It is extremely spicy, making it almost an acquired taste.  You can feel it burn as it goes down your throat!  We love it and so do most of our fans.  But I have to warn you… it’s not Schweppes!


The Red Rock Company was founded in 1885 by Lee Hagan and G. T. Dodd of AtlantaGeorgia. Dodd initially introduced ginger ale as the company’s first product, which became popular in the Southern U.S. By 1938, Red Rock was an early leader in the distribution of carbonated beverages, distributing 12-ounce bottles by way of a distribution network of 200 bottlers. By 1947, Red Rock products were bottled in 47 of the 50 U.S. states but by 1958, the company’s success began to decline.

Red Rock Cola was endorsed by famous baseball player Babe Ruth, which was the only product he personally endorsed. Posters of his endorsement were printed in 1939.